Smurf Village

Win Frapps Video Capture

"Smurf Village", the virtual freedom and indirect control game experience for a Head Mounted Display.

  • The guest user has a first person perspective display on his Head Mount.
  • The guest user has two controllers which are used to make the character move about in the world.
  • The guest user has a controller on his Head Mount which tracks his head movements.
  • The guest user has a fourth controller attached to his chest which tracks his jump movements.
  • The game has various tasks to complete such as, collecting items at the village, then cross the river by jumping on lily pads and finally save the smurfette.
  • The background score changes in accordance with the levels.
  • A timer is also included to increase the pace of gameplay.
  • Programmer/Producer: Chaithanya Kamath
  • Sound Designer: Rebecca
  • Texture Art: Federico
  • Modeller: Hun Jong