24 hr Game Jam: SnaKing Adventures

"SnaKing Adventures" is a Casual Game designed and developed on the WildPockets Platform for the 24 hr GameJam held by SimOps Studio.

Design Documentation:

Game Title: SnaKing

Collecting objects thus completing the inventory on each level and proceeding forward for the next level.

Game Mechanics:
1. Collecting objects to complete the inventory on each level.
2. Directing the snake with D-Boxx (directional box)
3. Right Click to change direction of th D-Boxx, subsequently, upon collision with the snake the former changes its direction.
4. Left Click to drop the D-Boxx.
5. D-Boxx adds length/weight to the snake.
6. Completing the inventory results in creation of a Bridge that takes u to the next level.
7. Bridge is a restriction by itself i.e. to cross any level the bridge has its own length/weight limit; this makes it a challenge for the player to restrict the number of D-Boxx's being used in each level. Thus, the user has to make sure that he uses the least number of D-Boxx's for collecting all objects on inventory.
8. A Time Keeper for creating anxiety.
9. If the snake happens to collide into the world boundary - drop the time at a faster rate and reverse the direction of snake i.e. head becomes tail and vice versa.

1. Snake head with fangs
2. Snake body which is a replication of head minus fangs
3. D-Boxx, looks like a cube with an arrow pointing in one direction.
4. Bridge which is a simple plane.
5. A base which forms the level map.

1. Background Score
2. Inventory collection sound
3. Bridge activation music upon collecting all objects.
4. D-Boxx rotation music.
5. D-Boxx drop sound.
6. Snake Scraping box sound.
7. Level 1,2 and 3 sounds based on interest curve


The snake character is our Prince Snake Charming who has to rescue his Princess Snake locked in a dungeon. He begins at the entrance of a castle which is a garden setup. The bridge is the entrance to castle. Castle is the 2nd level with moderate difficulty. Dungeon is the last level with utmost difficulty.

Additional Requirement if time permits is to add speed to the snake's movement - Discarded

Well thats about the Game Design of our game SnaKing!......

Game Designers: John Kol, Chaithanya kamath
Producer: & Sound design: Chaithanya kamath
Programmers: Navin , Goutham
Modeling: Lynn
Texture Art: John Kol

Game Platform: WildPockets