WMS Gaming: 5th Suit Team

This project was a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and WMS Gaming Inc.

Our goal:
To create a communal bonus game on a multi-touch platform and have a side betting game as a part of it.

We Delivered:
  1. Communal Bonus Game with a new IP of "Continuous Bonus"
  2. New IP for Base Reels Slot Game featuring Virtual Goods and Virtual Economy
  3. New platform, The ffox table featuring a Multi-touch screen & 4 single touch-screens
  4. Social Gameplay features such as "Save Neighbors Turtle!"
  5. "Mystery Crate" side betting game
The game design document for this project can be found here: Game Design Document

The project planning and related documentation can be found here: Project Documentation


The 5th Suit team members from right:

Chaithanya Kamath
- Producer/Project Manager, Game Designer,
- Lead Programmer and Game Architect (Bonusgame Scripting, AI,
Multi-touch Programming, Network Programming between
Pand3d+Flash, Audio Programming)
- Sound Designer
- Platform Co-Designer

Rohan Mascarenhas
- Lead Programmer (Flash slot machine game)
- Platform Co-Designer

Tom Luong
- 3D Artist

Jim Doughty
- 2D Artist
- Sound Designer
- Associate Game Designer

Hanika Karkhanis
- Programmer (Database & Flash slot machine game)

ffOX Table

The ffox Table Multi-player, Multi-touch Slot Machine